Testimony before the California Assembly - The 6th largest economy in the world needs to lead it responsibly into the era of cognitive computing

Many thanks to my stellar Cambrian.ai team, Dan Zehr and Mark Nitzberg, and the students of my Business & Global Society course at Hult International Business School, as well as the research team for our book (https://www.amazon.com/Solomons-Code-Humanity-Thinking-Machines/dp/168177870X) for helping me prepare for Tuesday's testimony during the California State Assembly's Hearing on AI.

The economic and human potential of AI is significant. Our state is the 6th largest economy in the world and one of a handful of AI innovation hubs globally. It will co-lead the transition of the global economy into the era of cognitive computing. We need to make sure that our policies facilitate sustainable human and economic growth with responsible entrepreneurship, transparency, explainability, agency, privacy, safety and cybersecurity.

This vibrant state has struck the balance between business growth and ecological and social sustainability before and we can do it again.