The opportunity for EU car makers to lead in AI-based smart, electrified driving

Thanks, Steve Westly, for sharing.  With respect to the article's consideration that this could hamper investment in lower emissions combustion engines, I'm not sure how much that holds:  for one, engines that will be in new cars hitting the market over the next 10-15 years are already being developed, so that's a sunk investment.  In parallel, investments in electrification are well under way.  Lastly, 23 years seems like an ample amount of time for a smart investment transition (applying options theory), even for a complex product.  So, I'm optimistic: I'd expect less of a canibalization effect and more of a resurgence of European car makers' R&D leadership in their strategic home markets in electrification and AI-based smart vehicles. What an opportunity to reinvent a futures-challenged industry with systemic impact on economy and society at large!